Herndon, VA, April 30, 2014


Truestone is partnered with the C4I Center at George Mason University, the nation’s only university-based entity offering a comprehensive academic and research program in military applications of information technology.

On 5 March, 2014, the Army Modeling and Simulation Office awarded a contract to Truestone to provide Technical Support Services to the Army Modeling & Simulations Office (AMSO) and NATO Modeling & Simulations Group (NMSG).  AMSO serves as the U.S. National Lead for NMSG Project 085 (MSG-085) focused on interoperability of NATO Command and Control (C2) systems with simulations enabled by industry standards including Coalition Battle Management Language (C-BML) and Military Scenario Definition Language (MSDL).

Truestone is partnered with George Mason University and their C4I Center of Excellence on this contract. Graduate students working in the C4I Center (Command, Control, Communications, Computing and Intelligence), under the supervision of GMU Project Manager, Dr. Mark Pullen, will be utilized to conduct much of the modeling and simulation studies required by AMSO and NATO.  The C4I Center at George Mason University is the nation’s first and only civilian university-based entity offering a comprehensive academic and research program in military applications of information technology

The mission of AMSO is to guide, coordinate, integrate, and synchronize strategic modeling and simulation (M&S) efforts across the Army in order to create unity of effort and purpose. AMSO also develops and implements a coherent and unified Army M&S strategy to organize and equip the Army with M&S capabilities in support of Operating and Generating Force functions and institutional processes. The mission of the NATO Modeling and Simulation Group (NMSG) is to promote cooperation among Alliance bodies, NATO member nations and partner nations to maximize the effective utilization of M&S.

About Truestone

Truestone is a mature systems integrator and technology services provider, delivering innovative, mission critical, high technology solutions to key federal law enforcement, military, intelligence community, and emergency responders who need innovative technology solutions, and a straightforward, customer-focused method of contract and technical management support. We enable our customers to provide more efficient and cost-effective services to their stakeholders.

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