Project Description

Provided Technical Support for Port Security Management System, Watchkeeper

Truestone provided technical support for interagency information management automation, developing a management system that coordinates and organized port security information. This platform, Watchkeeper, gives all agencies and forces involved in maritime security including both federal agencies and local port authorities access to a shared operational picture to facilitate decision-making, situational awareness, and operations and planning. Truestone integrated existing software to meet existing requirements, configured the systems and hardware at C3CEN’s development lab, identified the VPN interface and implemented complementary systems, and provided comprehensive installation and support services.

  • Developed the ADS software, providing optimized and efficient code that meets the Watchkeeper’s requirements.
  • Led the Aggregate Data Services (ADS) in developing cost-effective and efficient designs.
  • Ensured compliance with DHS Enterprise Architecture and DHS Geographic Information System policies.
  • Identified and integrated Virtual Private Network (VPN) device interface.
  • Installed and support all operational and prototype systems.
  • Implement Enterprise messaging service.
  • Provide Video Teleconferencing (VTC) suite solution evaluations.