Project Description

Secure Remote Access to Sensitive Information and Medical Records

Truestone provides secure and reliable connectivity among the 400 FOH sites around the country to allow access to FOH applications critical to health service delivery. These applications include round-the-clock secure access to sensitive patient electronic health records (EHR), tracking systems, and email. Truestone manages the FOH Business Technology Support office and supports remote sites, satellite offices, and traveling medical professionals including 700 private-provider physicians and 1,600 total users. Our solution allows for the secure transmission and storage of confidential health data across any and all connections (broadband, dial-up, IPSEC VPN, and more).  Our ITIL based Enterprise IT support framework has built-in processes, including change control log, user communications and training guides, manual and automated system monitoring, which allow for future testing needs and a scalable, secure and reliable testing environment. Specific services include:

  • Scientific and engineering support to FOH in support of its initiatives to achieve process and performance improvements.
  • Requirements gathering, analyses for optimal use of all assets, project definition and project management.