Project Description

Provide Flight Deck Video Systems Optics Support Services

Truestone analyzed issues limiting the effectiveness of existing Flight Deck Video Systems (FDS) onboard USCG cutters and identified a suitable replacement.  This new system allows the camera control operator to clearly see approaching aircraft and flight crew during flight operations, including extreme environmental conditions. In addition to identifying optics technology that satisfies the operational requirements of these legacy cutters, Truestone also provided the engineering support associated with integrating the new system with the existing video distribution and power systems. The engineering support included AutoCAD drawing development, engineering change support, proof of concept testing, and system trials at sea.

  • Increases the safety of USCG personnel during flight deck operations.
  • New FDVS exceeds COMDTINST 3120.13 bringing the system and cutter into compliance.
  • Improved operator interface will provide consistent quality of imagery and prevent distraction during flight operations.
  • Cable replacement, bonding, and grounding methods will increase the overall quality of the entire integrated system.
  • New FDVS components are supported by the manufacturer.