Project Description

Design, Build, and Sustain TNet: The next generation enterprise wide area network

Truestone, working with AT&T Government Solutions, design and deliver wide area network architectures that would successfully support the largest managed services network in the civil government – Treasury’s TNet. This is an IP Multiprotocol Label Switching (MLPS) network with 800+ locations serving more than 100,000 users in 12 bureaus with a single network carrying data, voice, and video services. The network also Features secure remote access to support 33,000+ teleworkers as well as High Availability and disaster resilient services. Truestone provided the augmented engineering, program management and administrative capabilities to rapidly deploy and sustain this nation-wide fully managed network service under the Networx program contract. Truestone’s specific services included:

  • Physical installation of routers, firewalls, anti-virus, and other specified security devices at key locations nationwide.
  • Tier II and Tier III network engineering services to bring sites on-board and resolve any post installation issues. Train support staff on same services.
  • Domain Name System (DNS) engineering services, including UNIX administrative services
  • Windows system administration engineering.
  • Cyber security engineering for policy and implementations review and assessment.
  • Contingency operations (COOP) review.
  • Configuration Management, including configuration tests through AT&T Labs.
  • Invoice reconciliation and Service Level Agreement (SLA) engineering support.
  • Project Management at all key service points.