Project Description

Implement Cyber Security Program and Total PKI Solution

Truestone secured the USCG enterprise environment with a total PKI solution, meeting HSPD-12 and JTF-GNO specifications as well as functionality, capability, and scalability requirements. Our team provided system planning, transition support, licensing and engineering, system implementation, performance testing, and training. Truestone engineers successfully bridged the gap between DoD and DHS technologies, and developed prototypes and documentation to accommodate any emerging security, equipment, or network needs.

  • Core PKI infrastructure for 35,000 user enterprise network meets JTF-GNO & HPD-12 directives)
  • PKI and OSCP transition strategies, software licensing and planning.
  • PK-enabled servers and applications.
  • 509 Certificate Authority Workstations (CAW).
  • Analyze, test, prototype and develop implementation plans for re-engineering PKI infrastructure.
  • Engineering support and integration of Core PKI with technologies delivered via other USCG programs (DHS).
  • DIACAP compliance.
  • Access Management.
  • Secure Information and Sharing Architecture.