Project Description

Designed and Implemented a Common Operational Picture (COP) for C3CEN

Common Operational Picture (COP) is a shared display of friendly, enemy/suspect, and neutral tracks with accessible filters and databases drawing from separate and distinct systems. Truestone created a flexible, scalable framework to integrate these multiple unique data streams into an easy-to-use graphical interface by leveraging a System Development Lifecycle Methodology (SDLC) – effectively tying together the pieces of the Common Operating Picture Web Services System (CWSS) with the Data System Exchange Component (CDSEC). The original system was fed by multiple components that complicated use, development, and maintenance.  Truestone designed the CDSEC to streamline the system and accommodate changes by allowing components to be replaced as necessary.

  • Developed and implemented Graphical User Interface (GUI) using HTML, Java, Java Script, Internet Explorer, and Netscape.
  • Secured hardware, software, and data file access.
  • Provided PKI-enabling for Web-COP web services.
  • Provide upgrades, optimizations, repairs, and maintenance on Web Cop core systems.
  • System Administrator training for Coast Guard personnel and other contractors at C3CEN and designated Coast Guard sites.