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Optimizing the engines that drive your
mission forward

Your systems and applications are your productivity engines. They execute your day-to-day strategy by creating the data that drives virtually every aspect of your mission forward. Developing these systems and securely aligning them with your most stringent requirements for data visibility, availability and reliability is the key to superior mission outcomes, reduced cost and escalating levels of end user satisfaction. At Truestone, achieving these objectives is the sole mandate of our System Development teams.

Driven by industry best practice models, and collaborating with you at every stage of the development process, we define and implement a System Development Life Cycle methodology appropriate to your unique budget, performance outcome and delivery constraints. We understand your requirements, define interfaces, synthesize specifications and provide well defined metrics that measure results. We analyze alternative architectures and perform trade-offs that offer the best value and minimum risk in an environment of tighter budgets, smaller staffs and accelerated delivery schedules. We are very successful in solving critical issues associated with sharing data between agencies and distributing critical information securely to all of your stakeholders—suppliers, partners and customers. And we are vigilant in maintaining all of our customers' systems in compliance with evolving standards and regulations. The result: cost –smart, high-capability systems that make your mission smarter, more agile and better able to do to the citizens' work.

  • Strategic plans
  • Requirements definition and analysis
  • Engineering drawings and standard operation procedures
  • Design reviews
  • Test readiness reviews and acquisition support
  • Prototype build-out and proof-of-concept testing
  • COTS integration
  • System integration and test
  • System implementation, test and verification