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Strengthening the components that sustain mission effectiveness

The mandate to achieve more with less now penetrates every aspect of mission operations. Towards this end, agencies are under significant pressure to improve performance and accountability, better manage change and sustain superior value and outcomes at every point across core and non-core activities.

Truestone responds to this acute customer requirement by leveraging its subject matter expertise and executive-level management capabilities for support across a broad range of functional areas spanning policy development, contracting, procurement, operations and logistics. Specific capabilities and experience include 24/7/365 operational assistance and management in support of military and federal operations, homeland defense, counter terrorism and crisis management.

  • Mission analysis and course of action planning
  • Precision recruiting and staffing
  • Strategic, tactical and operational planning
  • Asset lifecycle, status and capacity tracking
  • Intelligence collection, analysis and distribution
  • Emergency preparedness and crisis action response
  • Interagency coordination
  • Operations center design, construction and management
  • Operations support system design, implementation and sustainment