On shore. Onboard. Underway. Truestone facilitates maritime operations through superior solutions and service.

  • System acquisition lifecycle support
  • Design
  • Development
  • Integration
  • Testing
  • Implementation
  • Operations and maintenance


  • Have installed communications and navigation systems on board every U.S. Navy carrier.
  • Designed, developed, integrated, installed, and supported C4ISR systems on nearly every U.S. Coast Guard vessel.
  • Performed systems engineering and systems support on more than 2,000 U.S. Coast Guard surface assets in every territory of the United States.
  • Have served all 2,044 U.S. Coast Guard shore units.
  • Executed more than 660 individual task orders for the USCG Maintenance and Logistics Command.

U.S. Navy and Coast Guard assets operating around the world depend on the innovative solutions Truestone delivers. With the geo-political stage constantly shifting, American sailors and Marines are tasked with responding to a widening-array of missions quickly and without hesitation. Truestone removes as many variables from these operations as possible so that the mission can be completed safely and successfully. With a strong veteran presence and decades of military and maritime experience, our team understands our clients’ missions and has the know-how to give an edge to those protecting our shores and our interests around the world. Since our inception, we have worked on nearly every U.S. Coast Guard asset and every U.S. Navy aircraft carrier. From aging legacy systems like the HFRG and HSFB networks to cutting edge integrated voice communications networks (IVCN), Truestone safeguards American maritime forces’ C4ISR needs.

One stop shop for maritime system needs
Truestone is uniquely equipped for the changing dynamics of the maritime theater of operations. Our leadership and staff include Coast Guard and Navy personnel from all ranks. We are veteran C4ISR and telecommunications experts, communications engineers, naval architects, and marine engineers. Our teams are cross-trained for multiple certifications – with experience in shipboard work – minimizing the need for subcontractors.

Our secure facility just five miles from USCG C3CEN and 17 miles from Naval Station Norfolk includes a 2,000 sq-ft Interior Communications Lab and a 1250 sq-ft Test and Integration Facility (TIF). The Truestone TIF increases efficiency and improves installation time. We fabricate parts for systems no longer supported by the original manufacturers, make casualty repairs, and train technicians on the operation of these legacy systems. All of our systems are designed, tested, and refined at our TIF; only proven, fully operational systems are brought onboard ship or shore installations. Truestone leaves nothing to chance.
Engineering the systems of tomorrow

When the U.S. Coast Guard operations were limited by low light and inclement weather, Truestone responded. We identified, tested, prototyped, and installed the next-generation Flight Deck Video System (FDVS) – completely integrating it with existing video distribution and power systems. Our services exceeded expectations and improved overall safety and operational performance at a reasonable and sustainable cost.

Truestone’s maritime operations extend beyond communications – we facilitate Navy and Coast Guard missions however necessary. From C4I systems, Aviation Data Management and Control Systems (ADMACS) to Flight Deck Video Systems (FDVS), GPS navigational aids, and logistical support during repairs and system integration, strategic missions depend on exceptional equipment and reliable support. The Navy and Coast Guard can depend on Truestone.