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Beyond compliance

HSPD-12 is changing the Federal security landscape. Now required to converge physical and logical access controls onto a single credential, agencies are under pressure to revisit their governance and implementation strategies simply to keep pace with changing policies and audit criteria.

But HSPD-12 is about more than credentials. Or even compliance. It's about foreshadowing a new Identity Management paradigm shift from a world where every system requires a different identity to one where a single identity can be used to access multiple resources—whether by an agency employee, contractor or customer.

Truestone is uniquely positioned to take you there. In a phased approach and at your own pace. With ROI and increased security at every major step along the way.

It's all about your mission requirements

Compliance is—and will remain—a moving target. And it must be achieved and maintained. But it should be the transparent byproduct of an Identity Management solution that strengthens IT efficiencies and improves daily operations by enhancing security, lowering costs and maximizing productivity among all your stakeholders. This is the outcome of all Truestone Identity Management solutions.

Achieve compliance and beyond. Call Truestone today and ask about our Identity Management solutions.